Turning Over The Nuclear Tables

The seven deadly sins are greed, envy, wrath, lust, pride, sloth, and gluttony.

Which of these do you suffer from the most?

I ask because we all have our Achilles heel, a chink in our armor, a weakness, like Superman’s Kryptonite.

Everyone has superpowers and super-weaknesses.

That’s life.

So, I ask of the reader, which of the seven deadly sins is the worst of them?

Greed, obviously.


Well via greed, one can procure any of one’s other desires and passions, only with money, can one buy more food, fornication, time (sloth), fame (pride), emulation (envy) and revenge (wrath).

Money buys everything, in our market system, and makes whores of us all.

It’s only simple logic.

So which of these sins are the worst, I ask?

The concept of seven deadly sins post-dates the beginnings of Christianity, so this is not entirely a biblical concept.

Moreover it is an exercise in thought, a way to challenge one’s self and turn the microscope or spotlight on their own ego.

If you want to be a judge of others, first start by sitting in front of a mirror, I would say.

So, why did Christ pull a reversal, at the penultimate moment, and rush into the temple to turn the tables of the money changers over, following on to whip them out from the premises?

The money changers were succumbing to greed, which I would argue is the worst of the seven deadly sins.

There’s more afoot though, if the reader would continue.

Not only was greed the trigger that was the straw that broke the camel’s back, but it was also numbers.

At this moment, there is a buildup of Russian military forces on the Ukraine border, and China has been as of late making unprecedented incursions into Taiwanese airspace.

Numbers, algorithms, decimals and fractions have brought us to this: we are on the verge of a third world war, which has the potential to go nuclear.

If some fool who has command of the phallic death reapers that are these missiles can’t resist to press the red button, life on earth is under threat of being extinguished.

We’re talking supervolcano levels of holocaust, like the Toba bottleneck, an ancient volcanic eruption that reduced humans and all other mammals to a finite fraction of their former population.

Thanks engineers.

Thanks to all the geeks who hire their mathematical prowess out to the highest Lockheed Boeing bidder.

Clap clap.

You fucking idiots.

So yeah, I warrant that we need a redefinition of intelligence.

Anyone inventing nuclear weapons who is incapable of playing a musical instrument or making an audience laugh is likely someone who is no more than part of the problem.


Bar none.

Full stop.

Forget about it.



Gabriel is a writer, actor, and musician from Los Angeles. Currently, he is based out of Bangkok, Thailand.

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Gabriel Walker Land

Gabriel is a writer, actor, and musician from Los Angeles. Currently, he is based out of Bangkok, Thailand.