2024 will be a game changer in American politics.


Well for one thing, not once, not even in passing (so far as I know), has Joe Biden mentioned cryptocurrencies.

He wants to tax billionaires more, but he can’t even acknowledge the socio-economic ramifications and influence of Bitcoin and other blockchain-based currencies, which are free of the foibled meddling of any middle man (or woman) or any banker.

Personally I believe bankers are the chief reason, or one of them at least, why the modern world has been turned into a Henry Ford, Rockerfeller hell-hole.

If any son or daughter of mine expressed interest in going into banking and lending, that would be the day they are no longer welcome in my household.

Bankers sit in their air conditioning all day long, while those who actually have to lift a finger and build callouses for a living are perpetually enslaved to endless fees and overdraft charges.

Banks are parasites.

Don’t believe me?

How about Jesus Christ?

He died to keep money lender parasites out of his father’s temple.

He lived in a world full of slavery, torture even, warfare.

Yet Christ had the prescience to see that it was the usurers who would bring about the end of mankind.

Not to take it too religious, though hey, what would we really replace Cathedrals and Temples and Mosques with?

Shopping malls?

Parking garages?


But back to the 2024 presidential game.

We have an opportunity, in Tulsi Gabbard.

Not just an opportunity to elect our first female president, but also an opportunity to elect our first non-Baby Boomer president.

Kamala Harris was born in 1964.

Gabbard was born in ‘81!

Mark my words.

One of the bigger problems in society is not white vs. blacks, straight vs. gay, everyone vs. transgender’s, or man vs. women.

The bigger demographic juxtaposition is Boomers vs. Everyone Else.

The legacy media, including both CNN and FOX, will go to no ends to pit one demographic against the other, without acknowledging the TRUE rift in modern American society.

The Boomers got the bulk of the wealth.

The rest of us?

We got screwed.

Gabriel is a writer, actor, and musician from Los Angeles. Currently, he is based out of Bangkok, Thailand.