Maintaining Dominion Over Technology

Many moons ago I attended an anarchoprimitivist gathering in Southern Oregon, near Crater Lake.

At the time I was, as I am to this day, highly skeptical of the utility of technology in society.

The event was a mess — everyone was paranoid, using monikers, undercover federal agents were snapping pictures, and anarchists master debated far into the night the nuances of anti-authoritarianism.

It wasn’t a total loss.

I made some friends, made some sex magic, learned a few things.

I picked up an injury to add to the collection, which I have now taken to calling them souvenirs (it was a sprain, not a break).

The wilderness upstaged everything and everyone — it was so beautiful up in the mountains.

Technology and biology are not compatable, for some very simple and logical reasons.

The primary reason is heat proliferation.

Technology favors an ice age, biology favors a rainforest.

These machines, the computers, the cars, the furnaces and aircons — they have a heat problem that we, as a species, don’t.

That’s why all the crypto mining farms are in the northern hemisphere, gobbling up all that crisp cold air.

Why do we need more machines?

The way I figure it, we need more life, and the biotechnological revolution is about to heat up.

Or cool down, rather.

Mechanical technology must always be rendered subservient to biology.

Or we’re toast.

Gabriel is a writer, actor, and musician from Los Angeles. Currently, he is based out of Bangkok, Thailand.