To start out, notice how I didn’t capitalize civil war three.

I did this because capitalization of words increases inevitability, so in that regard the prevention of civil war iii is at its base a linguistic problem, which I will go to in another article.

The way I see it, the way to prevent a second civil war in America is to temporarily retreat from both sides of the spectrum into increased localism.

This means that Federal power needs to at least temporarily cede power to both states and cities, while states need to cede power to cities.

Take the abortion debate as an example.

DC needs to cede power to Texas on the issue, while Texas needs to cede power to Austin on the issue — for now at the very least considering we have a South China Sea problem to contend to.

If, by some grace of God this symphony of politics could be achieved, a temporary but long term if necessary truce could be enacted in order to preserve the democratic republic of the United States of America.

It’s a quick hack, but it’s one that will inevitably work if a legion of bureaucrats can learn to serve an over-arching cause rather than their own interests.

Gabriel is a writer, actor, and musician from Los Angeles. Currently, he is based out of Bangkok, Thailand.