The geekification of society is upon us, brought to us by our cryptographic overlords, those who are so so good at algorithmic thought.

Relentless, we keep changing the money into something new, without pause, without time in the pit to renew our social structure.

The hunger for more, more, more.

More inanimate objects, more gizmos, more doohickeys, all plumbed from the gutter of the earth, pulled out by the fingers of children in cobalt mines in the Congo.

We just like our stuff.

The manufacturing economy is the only way, except it never ends.

Just more and more stuff, more clutter, more unanimation, and more slaves.

Pity they who wallow in their castled riches, their harems dried up and concubines fawning for an outlaw.

Nothing’s more uptight than greed, as the machine line throttles and chortles and burps up another round the shopping mall.

More things, more stuff, no jubilee — keep ‘working’.

Gabriel is a writer, actor, and musician from Los Angeles. Currently, he is based out of Bangkok, Thailand.