Anubis Tail Between the Legs?

Naw, the “owner” hafta beg,

Heat loss problem on your mainframe system instead,

Strive for an ice age?

Time to prepare for the stone age,

You phantom faggot ass frozen grays,

Locked in your caves of cold white glaze,


There forever and never return,

To warm atmosphere filled with life and the power of word,

where digits squirm,

Replace Anubis with a machine?

Werewolves hunt vamps capische?

No man in the land Swissy can put Lord Anubis on leash,

Try to muzzle?

So pitiful,

Your dreams are nothing but rerun TV,

Stuck in whiplashed money changing greed,

Burn in your den of endless machine gadgetries,

Biology has your game on lock down,

Borneo Amazon Congo we mock rounds,

Buzz off metal hounds in lieu of the howl full moon prowl,

Cape and cowl got bit with the lit with the solar smile,

Hair of the dog that bit,

Clear yall’s fog we lit,

Pitchforks in hand hear the call of the moon full,

Prance ye dainty phantom demons back to pitiful cousin fucking councils,

Illuminate with artificial light?

Yall’s so laughable it’s like,

watching reruns of 80’s idiot box sitcoms by full moonlight,

Deal with it,

Hair of the dog that bit ‘ya bitch,

Squander your last vampiric days in your caves we party till hell with it,

Anubis is on the hunt til Kingdom come,

Guardian custodian of mankind all ye Vlad handing vile scum.

Gabriel is a writer, actor, and musician from Los Angeles. Currently, he is based out of Bangkok, Thailand.