“From my cold dead hands,” the NRA slogan shouts.

Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

The right to bear arms is intrinsic to the American identity, and it won’t go anywhere anytime soon.

Hitler said “the most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms.”

In Israel, “Issuing a firearms license for private use to other persons requires proof of the existence of a cause that justifies the license. In addition to specific training and mental health requirements, applicants must prove that possession of a firearm is needed based on the location of their residence or employment, the type of occupation they are engaged in, or service in elite Israel Defense Force (IDF) reserve units.”

It would be easy to pull a semantic switcheroo on those two pieces of dialogue.

America’s problem is not so much guns, though the geekification of the 2nd amendment is certainly bullshit, with the endless aftermarket upgrades, add-ons, and tinkering customization of the AR-15 —wait, is this a gun or a computer?!

No, America more has a socio-psychological and class demographic problem, and the internet has brought it out into the open.

Until everyone takes off the masks and goes outside to conduct cultural outreach, the tension will continue to bubble behind the closed doors and the shuttered windows of American’s private homes.

As far as a buy back program, an ideal one would be to offer people an alternative, rather than just cash.

Why not swap AR-15’s for the Mossberg MVP rifle, which takes the same ammunition and magazines but requires the shooter to cock a bolt action between each shot instead of just squeezing a trigger willy nilly like in a video game?

Really choosing shots takes skill and intellect, and challenges the human mind to calm down, focus, and relax.

Semi-automatic AR-15 style gunplay and semi-auto pistol shooting as well is anxiety inducing and wasteful.

These tactical exercises are endlessly and residually loud, dangerous, and not to mention the waste of resources in the form of brass and potassium nitrate as shooters go bigger and harder to get better and better.

Somewhere along the line, carrying a gun became something for the uptight, rather than the calm and confident — and uptight has an itchy trigger finger.

America can put a clamp down on these horrendous mass shootings as soon as it starts not only a buy back program but a swap program too, exchanging simple and trustworthy hunting rifles for the mechanically complex semi-automatic war machines.

Not only that, but the federal government should offer free rifle courses to all of its citizens.

Now that’s how you build a community.